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Specialist Home theater and Hi Fi high quality

Among our specialties, you will find any sort of range as:
HI-FI amplifier, tuner, recorder, audio speakers, speaker, speakers, versterker, cd player, auditorium, listening room, home theater sub, power amplifier, headphones, koptelephoon, sound, klank, beeld, hi-fi, stereokeeten, audiophile, cassette, vintage

HI-FI Our store is located at Verheyden Brussels, Belgium

Leuvensesteenweg 326-330
TEL: 02 / 735 38 30

Our brands includes:

Chario, McIntosh, Parasound, Uher, Teac, Tascam, Sherbourne, Olive, Nad, Marantz,Luxman,Klipsch, Integra, Cabasse, Arcam Focal, Final Sound, Fatman, Elipson, Dali



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